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  • 2020-08-07    Fri

    Hebei Sheng Bao Steel Group is a large-scale private enterprise engaged in the iron and steel smelting, rolling, hot plating tube production. The geographical position is superior, ranked the top 100 town "- Shengfang Town, head office is located in, anci District, Langfang City Donggugang Town, is on the verge of Tianjin port, Tianjin airport, the capital airport, Beijing Kowloon Railway, the transportation is convenient. Group was founded in 1995, three existing wholly owned production subsidiary, with a total area of more than 16000 acres, total assets of RMB 48 billion yuan, nearly 18000 employees, which senior technical staff, engineers, hundreds of people. Company advanced equipment, completed the miracle of the development of the same industry enterprises.


    Iron-making Factory is the core production unit of the company, including more than 200 technicians.It sets up five sections and five workshops, in possession of two 1,080m3 blast furnaces, two 1,000m3blast furnaces, one double-chain roller mobile pig machine, two set of blast furnace coal pulverizingsystem, and other eco-friendly facilities. The computer-controlled blast furnace adopts advanced coalpulverizing technique, with the annual production capacity of 4.5 million tons of pig irons.


    The steel-making factory sets up five sections and seven workshops, including 150 technicians. The factory has one 900t metal mixer, four 80t basic oxygen furnaces, five billet casters with the specifications of 6-machine-6-stream, 5-machine-5-stream and 4-machine-4-stream, supported by one 10,000Nm3/h oxygen generators and four 13,000Nm3/ h oxygen generators, six 273Nm3 blast furnace gas and four 500Nm3 blast furnace gas, converter gas burning active lime shaft kilns...


    We own two production lines with annual strip steel output totaling 3,500,000ton;
    The main specifications are :width 146-630mm, thickness1.3-4mm;
    Roll weight 1T;1.7T;2.1T;2.3T;
    The main types are 162;182;194;206;262;282;314
    original strip steel.


    The Group embraces several cold rolling production lines, including 31 sets of cold rolling units which are available for production of strip steel of all specifications such as 180—750mm in width, 0.17—1.5mm in thickness and 1.5—8T in coil weight. One 450mm reversible cold rolling unit, six 500mm reversible cold rolling units, two 650mm reversible cold rolling units, eight 350mm cold rolling units, six 450mm cold rolling units, two 500mm cold rolling units, four 650mm cold rolling units and two 850mm cold...


    The Group attaches importance to environmental protection and industrial product, and takes the risk of challenging pressure from technical improvement. In 2011, 18 advanced and environmental galvanization production lines have been constructed and put into operation. The Group can produce including six 450mm galvanized wires, eight 650mm galvanized wires and four 750mm galvanized wires, as well as more than 1,000,000 tons of qualified galvanized sheets annually.